The Famous Monkey Challenge Trivia Quiz, Are You Smarter Than a Monkey?

The Game is Simple: Compete Against a Cartoon Monkey in a Trivia Challenge

Are You Smarter Than a Monkey? Our Trivia Quiz Game Will Find Out!

Prepare yourself for a battle of wits against a formidable foe! Or instead, challenge our resident monkey to a contest of smarts, as you proceed through our trivia quiz!

Monkey Challenger The trivia quiz has four parts: Geography, History, Science and Technology, and Random Trivia. Each part of the quiz has 15 questions. You will see the monkey's answer before you answer. After each part, your score will be compared with that of the monkey. Hopefully you will come out ahead. Good luck!

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Background Information on the Monkey Trivia Quiz

This quiz was inspired by my high school chemistry teacher. When someone would score slightly above 25% on a multiple choice test, he liked to make the wry observation, "At least you beat the monkeys." Obviously, the suggestion is that a score of 25% could be achieved just by random guessing, without any comprehension of the question.

And woe unto him who did not beat the monkeys.

Ever Wonder How to Make Your Own Trivia Quiz?

Making an online quiz game or other kind of interactive site is not difficult. All you need to know is a little HTML and some basic PHP. If you have an idea for a quiz site, you can have one up and running in as little as one week. You just need a StartLogic account and my "how to make a quiz" tutorial. It's fun and rewarding! Yet if you lack the programming skills, you can make a quiz for MySpace easily using

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