Rate My Life Quiz Privacy Policy

Due to the personal nature of some of the questions in the Rate My Life quiz, I've taken care to write a detailed privacy policy. Please read on.

The Rate My Life Quiz Privacy Policy inherits all provisions from the general MonkeyQuiz.com Privacy Policy. Of special note is the presence of third-party advertisements appearing on the pages of this web site. Advertisers are able to gather certain generic information from visitors of this web site, including IP address and certain browser headers. Advertisers are not able to gather answers to quiz questions. Internet technology simply does not allow them to capture that information, which is transmitted only between your browser and the MonkeyQuiz.com server. For more information on how advertisers use the information they are able to collect, please refer to their respective privacy policies:


Quiz results are not shared with any third party. In fact, they are not stored anywhere on the MonkeyQuiz.com server on a user-level basis. Computed scores are recorded for the purpose of calculating averages, but are saved anonymously and not linked back to a specific user. A select few quiz answers are stored in aggregate form. What this means is that your answer increments a counter in the database. If you are male, the counter for "male" is incremented by 1. This allows me to create statistics which show, for example, what percentage of people taking the quiz are male. When data is kept in this manner, there is no way to link it back to specific individuals.

The aggregate data is used in two ways. The first is to give me an understanding of the types of people who are taking this quiz. I may alter the advertisements that are shown based on this information. The second use is to be able to create an informative web page which makes public that statistics gathered. Takers of the test may be interested in this information, and it will be made available via a prominent link.

Because the quiz is not taken over a secure web connection, the answers you fill out are sent to our server unencrypted. While this is usually not an issue, it is possible that a third party might intercept and record the transmission. Most commonly, this could happen if you take the quiz while at work. The answers you fill out and the results from the quiz may be logged on an intermediate computer between your browser and the MonkeyQuiz.com server, and the operator of that computer may be able to call up that information at a later time. For this reason, caution might be advisable while taking this or any quiz while using a work computer.

Cookies (small files created for the purpose of "remembering" information as you click from page to page) are not used for this quiz. Your answers are passed using a standard HTML form submit. If you return to the quiz at a later time, nothing will be remembered about you. This is in keeping with the strict policy of privacy and anonymity. However, on pages which accept the form submit (namely quiz "Part 2" and "Your Results"), the answers which you have submitted may be used to display advertisements that are more relevant to you. This is what is known as "targetting", and it provides a greater service to both advertisers and takers of the quiz, because it reduces the number of irrelevant advertisements. As a result, I am able to reduce the total number of advertisements and avoid using pop-ups or other annoyances.

Cookies are often used by advertisers, however, primarily to give proper credit for clicks and sales. By changing your browser settings, it is possible to disable cookies. However, doing so will result in lost commissions for web sites such as this one. Many web sites live or die based on these commissions.

At no point in the quiz are users asked personally-identifying information. Your e-mail address, home address, phone number, and other identifying data are not collected at any time. Your IP address is recorded in our generic server logs, however there is no way to link the IP address back to you except in the event of a criminal investigation. I cannot fathom a scenario in which that would happen, but it is theoretically possible.

Hopefully as a result of reading this privacy policy you can feel confident that privacy and anonymity are taken seriously. Thank you for visiting my web site, I hope you enjoy it.