Improve Your Mind and Find Peace and Fulfillment

Takers of the Rate My Life Quiz Share Their Advice

The stresses of modern life disrupt the harmony inside our minds, and this makes us less able to lead happy and fulfilling lives. Counter-act the negativity by sharpening and focusing your mind. People who scored highly for their mental clarity and ability on the Rate My Life quiz have been asked to give advice on this topic. Their advice is listed below.

Daniel of Norway writes:
The key to learning about any field seems to be to find it interesting, and the key to finding things interesting is often already knowing a lot about them. Sort of a chicken/egg - problem, but not the hardest to work around.

The most important thing, by far, is that one should never view anything merely as a set of rules or a list of data. It holds true for almost everything that there are patterns to follow, more or less hidden systems, some structure the facts fit into. When you notice this, you suddenly have a framework to fit the facts into, which makes it all that much easier, be it linguistics, programming or chemistry. (In other words, it's a much better use of time to understand -why- than to remember -what-)

It is almost always useful to read up on more than what you strictly have to learn in any situation. Having some knowledge about related fields helps placing things in perspective, and is likely to provide hints and clues about underlying connections. (Not to mention that it makes things that much easier if you have to learn about them later.)

The essence of what I'm trying to say is that one should actively seek out knowledge, because it's surprising what turns out to be interesting when you get into the details and begin to see how it ties into everything else. (And with an ever-increasing amount of interesting things, the number of boring ones dwindle.)

I can't and won't give the same kind of direct advice for ways to a peaceful mind. Personally, I've come to the conclusion that the only reasons for things happening are physical laws and the actions of people. Since I can hardly affect the former, I'll at least try to influence the latter in a positive direction.

newharmony7 of Six Lakes MI writes:
The trick to having a high mind score here is to be a very positive and outgoing person. I understand that bad things are going to happen to me. That is just life, but the best thing you can do to get past those things is to keep a positive attitude towards everything, and I mean EVERYTHING. There is always someone less fortunate than you are, so you have to be grateful for everything you do have. Do that and more will come to you!

Catherine of Alberta writes:
I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. And even if at the time that it's happening, you may feel as though you won't make it through, when you do it changes you. When that change takes place its up to you to make it for the better. That is what I strive to do.
Always Love, Love all ways. Have peace of mind, and mind the peace. Be free to cry, cry to be free. Treasure every moment, bathe in passion and smile like you mean it!
Those are Kitty's Rules to live by!

nobs of Germany writes:
Learn from everything, accept advice, read a lot, think about it, take your time. An open and bright mind is not something you can get by (only) being good at school; you have to be good at life. Try to understand and accept people and the world; see the details and learn how they assemble the whole.

Anonymous writes:
Our lives are a journey that only we are equipped to take. Once you come to know and live the truth you can never be thrown adrift. Coming to know one's self wholly and honestly is a difficult and ongoing process. However, if you take the time to examine yourself in a positive light, don't tear yourself down, then you can never be muddled. Introspection is my greatest tool for self awareness and happiness. You cannot be happy if you don't know yourself, but will always be satisfied if you know yourself truly and deeply.

Sean of Oklahoma City, OK writes:
Regarding my mind score of 8.8, once my high school counselor said something that has forever stuck with me. She said, "Smart people can be bored. They just know a lot. But intellegent people are never bored, because they're always looking for something to engage their minds." And that's pretty much what I've done. Whenever I have a dull moment, I enjoy reading new research papers, learning to draw, figuring out puzzles, reading, or just doing anything I can not to just sit and veg out. I never watch TV.

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