Improve Your Body's Health With This Advice

Takers of the Rate My Life Quiz Share Their Advice

Your Body -- you only get one. Yet many people neglect the health of their bodies. The Rate My Life quiz helps identify whether or not the health of your body is a weak spot, detracting from your good living. Quiz-takers with high body scores were asked to share advice on how they maintain their physical health, and this advice is presented below.

Lisa of Shanghai,China writes:
I go to gym on a regular basis every week. I follow some good living habits, e.g: get enough sleep, keep right sitting pose when writing and using computer (I work in the finance dept. of a five-star hotel, writing and working on PC are two major parts of my daily work). Furthermore, I love sharing some housework when I am free. Meanwhile, it is critical to keep myself mentally healthy. Though it's true life is not always smooth, I have learnt gradually to face the reality and try to find solutions to problems. BTW, I have a wonderful relationship! My boy is really excellent! We match each other both physically and mentally. Of course, my parents and good friends are also very precious. They form a loving atmosphere in which I have grown up.

Anonymous writes:
When you're exercising, the most important thing is the routine. When life gets in the way and you're exhausted or rushed, don't skip the exercise - instead, get into your exercise gear, make a token effort for a few minutes, and tell yourself you've done well. And don't try to make up for it the next day; just carry on as normal.

Exercise every day. That way it'll become a routine, and much easier to stick to. And it's more enjoyable and much less stressful than punishing yourself once or twice a week.

Whenever you can, cook for yourself from fresh ingredients. That way you know how what you're getting in the food, and with practice it's better than most ready-made stuff too.

Be fit for yourself, not for other people. Enjoy it for the pleasure of being light-footed and energetic.

Anonymous writes:
I try to take some time to walk outside everyday. Find exercise you enjoy doing and it'll be less like a chore and more fun. Healthy foods are also a large part of my diet--fruits and vegetables. They don't need to taste yucky and raw, healthy foods are still good to eat when cooked nicely. Another aspect is that I try to look my best everyday. No need to obsess over every outfit, but finding some cute jeans or a pretty shirt that looks good on you will boost your self-esteem. It's easier said than done, but learning to love yourself and your body is not as hard as some people believe it is.

Carol of Oregon writes:
Apparently my Body Score is very high, and I've been asked to share why I'm successful in this aspect of my life. It seems simple enough to me, yet I realize that until I made the connection that I was responsible for my health I was on a constant roller coaster of doomed diets and clothing in many sizes in my closet. So this is what has worked for me. I eat no less than five times per day, all small meals. In the morning I have oatmeal and a piece of fruit. For second breakfast some protein. Lunch is usually a salad with another protein, then a snack at 4:00, usually an apple. Dinner is eaten before 7:00. I do not eat anything 'white'. No rice, potato, pasta/bread or sugar. I go to the gym at least three times per week, and whenever I have the opportunity I walk or ride my bike to work.
I guess that what I have created for myself is an active lifestyle. It works well for me. At 47, my health is excellent and often people don't believe that I'm pushing 50.

The best thing that I discovered about taking control of my health is that it is never too late to start. Our bodies are meant to be healthy.

Anonymous writes:
First, you have to decide that you want to take care of your body better. Then, you need to take a specific step towards it, such as eating two servings of vegetables a day. It is way easier to keep it up if you make it social, tell people you're doing it, compete with a friend, whatever.

Eventually that thing becomes habit, and you move on to something else if you feel like it, or you go through a hard time and lose one of your old good habits and regain it some time later. It's an on-going process--just a part of life.

Brooke of Las Vegas writes:
I grew up overweight, which made for difficult teen years. When I feel good physically, I feel good mentally. So, I make a point of spending time doing something good for myself every day. I've developed a love for nature and go hiking often. I quit smoking and drinking three years ago. This quality of life has made all the difference!

Anonymous writes:
I run on a regular basis. I was chubby as a child, and only in the last few year have I become really comfortable with my body. I have learned to eat well and exercise and have seen direct results. I can speak from experience that exercise and diet WORK!

David writes:
I may not be extremely active or athletic, but I try to keep my body in order. If it feels like I'm getting too thin, I at least try to do some exercises to tone myself. I took ten years of martial arts and that helped me condition not only my body, but my mind as well. Try to get outside, walk around, work up a sweat every once in awhile. Staying inside at your computer or playing video games in a room with stale air and no sunlight is unhealthy. Also, I find myself drinking a lot of water. I keep a 2.2 L jug of water by my computer/bed all the time, and now its just a habit to drink from it. I find myself refilling it almost three or four times a day.

Emily of VA writes:
After living in a situation where I gained 30lbs in 4 months, I decided it was time for a change. I left my parent's home and moved north. I began eating right, a diet heavy in meat, vegetables and fruits. I cut soda and candy out of my diet, I stopped eating fast food and cooked my own. I began walking for about 30-45 minutes a night, and after a few weeks I was able to walk further and further. The pounds started coming off and I have managed to keep them off. I've reintroduced some sweets (one or two pieces of candy) and soda (one about every two weeks), and I have managed to keep off the pounds. Maybe my story will inspire someone, who knows.

Freddy Sanford of Los Angeles CA writes:
Rigorous discipline compounded with a sense of pride makes constant and never-ending improvement on the physical side easy. If physical activity becomes a necessary component of your lifestyle, your body score is an after-thought. Personally my time spent doing physical activity is my time to focus and meditate, resulting in a tranquilly that offsets the stress of the daily grind in the Technology arena. Say it.. "Ohmmmmmmmmmmm."

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